Little miracles

Ben has never been able to write due to the tiny size of his hands, their weakness and problems with co-ordination. He could only ever write some capital letters and it was painstaking for him. We had given up on writing and hoped he would become more proficient keyboarding as a way of expressing himself in the future.

Just before school ended I spoke to a local Kumon centre about a reading/writing program. I assumed Ben wouldn't be able to do the writing part. The Kumon lady encouraged me to see what Ben could do. Ben has begun to write, and to write in lower case, which he never mastered before. He can sit for 15 minutes with a book and go through it on his own.

I'm excited to see how this may progress this year. To date I simply brought the books home and had him do them there. But I think it might be good for him to go to the Kumon place where other kids do them.