Normal two year old or trouble?

Or a bit of both?

I hate to say it, esp since my kids will likely read this blog one day, but Georgie has gotten mean. Flat out MEAN. I know some of this is normal and I remember Joseph being really agressive around this age but holy smoookes.

Poor Cole seems to be the object of this, erm, affection. Heaven forbid Cole try and play with the trains. I would understand the pushing, shoving and finger shaking (which is hysterical and slightly scary, as he looks and sounds just like my grandmother when he does it!) if Cole were trying to destroy the train set. But no, Cole is normally just trying to link up the trains and push them along the track!

Then there's the "out of the blue" beating up. It was donut Sunday at church and the kids were running around the empty hall. Both Cole's godmother and myself saw Georgie reach out and trip Cole ON PURPOSE. I'm doing all the "comfort the victem" stuff and pointing out how sad Cole is and how he is hurt but Georgie just ignores me.

I'm not sure if this is just because he is two, two going on three (and three is simply two with practice!) or because he knows what he wants but cannot verbalize it. Whatever it is... heeeelp!