The Brodys In This World

“We have a small church with good people and big hearts.”

Andy and I heard this statement when we first candidated at Orchard View Alliance. A sentiment that we now know to be true.

Although we are only a few, I love to look around on a Sunday morning and see the faces of our new friends. I smile every time. In our church, disability is normal. Much like in our own family.

Last night, we had our first Awana meeting of the year. Andy and I are learning the ropes of this Children’s Ministry, and along with Sandy, we are the “Sparks” leaders. And every time Sandy comes to church, Brody is with her.

Brody is a young adult with Cerebral Palsy. He has spastic diplegia, just like Nina. His voice is high and somehow it reminds me of Urkle from “Family Matters.” Yet once in a while when he speaks, his voice turns deep and you hear the man in Brody. Brody’s walk cannot hide the typical gait of CP, yet his servant heart does not stop him from carrying chairs around a room to make sure we all have a place to sit.

As we worked on memorizing John 3:16, Brody listened and participated intently along with the rest of the kids. One by one the children chose to go to the front of the room and try reciting the verse along with the hand motions we made up. After the kids had their turn, Brody asked to have a turn too.

Brody, a 20 something man in front of a room with Kindergarten kids. He did the hand motions, he said most of the words. I looked at Sandy, and I knew she was proud. Brody has become like one of her own kids. I then looked at the rest of the kids. It is beautiful when you see children look past disability. There is something touching when you realize that they are not affected by the prejudice of our society. Brody is just Brody, and they too, were proud of him.

Our church needs Brody.

Every church, every ministry would be blessed with the Brodys of this world. Yet, there are so many parents of kids with special needs that do not feel welcome at church. So many adults with disabilities that wonder if they will fit in.

But not last night.

Not Brody.

Our church needs Brody.

Does yours?