Armadillo anyone?

Ben has been 'thinking' on a Halloween costume. It had to be an animal, he said.

Today he decided. At first he told me it was an anteater -- he told me this by finding a Zoboomafu show about anteaters.

Then, just as I was putting out word that I needed help on an anteater costume, he brought me the voice software on his iPad to let me know that it wasn't an anteater after all -- it was an armadillo that he wanted to be.

Even though Halloween is Ben's favourite holiday, I always find myself about a week away from the event in the same situation: in search of an unusual costume. Where on earth do you find an authentic looking armadillo costume -- one with scales that look like armour?

Ideas? Anyone?

There is a Halloween dance at Ben's school this Friday and he wants to go.