Guatemalan Court Sentences Lawyer/Agency Representative in Adoption Trafficking Case

Remember the Guatemalan court's order that recognized that a young girl was kidnapped and then illegally offered for adoption to an American family, and that the American family should return the child?  A Guatemalan court has now sentenced two women involved in the case to significant prison terms:
A court in Guatemala has sentenced two women to 16 and 21 years in prison for trafficking a stolen baby who was given for adoption to a U.S. family.

Special prosecutor Lorena Maldonado says the sentences handed down to a lawyer and the legal representative of an adoption agency will reinforce the birth mother’s bid to get her daughter returned from the United States.

The Eighth Penal Tribunal sentenced lawyer Beatriz Valle Flores to 21 years in prison Monday for human trafficking, criminal association and using false documents.

A 16-year sentence went to the legal representative of the agency, Enriqueta Noriega Cano.