Photo dump- Fall, in pictures

The Bear painted the sidewalk, driveway, pumpkins... and himself.

My sister came to town with her boys and we all went to the RenFest. I first went when I was 8 weeks pregnant with Joe, then when I was 20 weeks pregnant with Camille. A few years later, I went with both of them and NOT pregnant. The next time, I was pregnant with Georgie. This year, I am NOT pregnant and I just took the big kids. They had a blast!

Joseph kindly modeled this fun hat for us. I wanted to buy it for him and he refused. Said he would NEVER EVER wear it again. Stinker.

I think we have a dozen photos of the kids with their heads sticking through some wooden painting.

Shooting marbles...

With a fairy at a face painting booth. I thought her costume was so cool but Camille either wasn't impressed or was scared.

They both loved the shows. These dancers had some jokes at the end that I thought would go right over their heads... but Joseph laughed. I'm not sure if I should be worried... or REALLY worried. Heh.

Adorableness on the couch. I ran upstairs for a moment and came back to find Georgie cuddled with Higgins, sound asleep.