The Call

Whenever I see "School District" come up on the caller ID, I am tempted to answer and say, "What did he do now?" because when Joe has a bad day, he has a BAD DAY. Thus, my poor heart sank a little Friday when I picked up the phone... but it wasn't about Joseph, but George.

It was George's preschool teacher. She confirmed his start date in a week and half and answered all my questions. I firmly believe this is the best thing for him and, as his godmother told me, for me too. The whinning, crying and meltdowns have taken a toll on me. I do need a break and he needs more therapy, work and friends than I can give him.

And it kills me to admit it but have too. I have to do what is best for him and, in this case, a whole classroom of specialist and friends his age, trained and taught to interact with kids with special needs, is just what he needs.

I have been neglecting myself. I don't exercise. Yes, I feel better after I do. Yes, I crave the water- the cool, soothing, water. I feel ordered and relaxed and ready to take on anything after I swim. But Cole hates the nursery and George's SPD has gotten worse... so working out has been a no go. I need to go back to the gym and once G is settled in school and the weather is cooler, I am going to drop the kids at school and drive straight to the gym. So silly, but I even have some nice new body lotions and washes to take with me. They are even all organic, which is what I love!

I need to clean out his backpack, find clothes to keep in there, buy some diapers and wipes, make sure all the paper work is in order... and then send my two year old off to school.

In addition to this huge change, hippotherapy ends in three weeks. I am on the lookout for a stuffed horse that looks like Dan, his horse, for him. I think he will love it because I know he will miss his weekly riding therapy! He was accepted into the speech program at the local children's hospital, and will start in a week. It is 45 minutes and intense, just what he needs. They have a grant program we qualify for and are going to contact our insurence company for us. If we do not get the grant and the insurence company refuses to pay, they have an affordable sliding scale.

(Yo, insurence company! It's cheaper to pay for Georgie's therapy than to keep paying for my happy drugs. He talks, I stand a chance of getting off the medication. See? You pay for speech and we ALL win! Yay!)

This is perfect, as it will pick up just as our I/T speech ends. In a few months, after preschool is going well, he will begin TKD with the older kids. I know he wants to go because he keeps bringing me a picture of the preschool class and pointing. Heh. I get the hint, kid. :)

Major, major changes. I hope and pray we all adjust smoothly to this new way and that these new Dragon Slayers (speech at the hospital and the ECSN preschool) help my son kick his dragon's (apraxia) rear.