Walk for Apraxia

It's been a busy few weeks and I haven't had time to sit and think, let alone blog.

Last week was our Walk for Childhood Apraxia. It seems we do alot of walking around here... and it all comes from one kid. I suppose that is how it works, normally.

In the spring, we walk in the March for Babies, which is big, crowded and a to-do, with Radio Disney there and tons of people. The Aparaxia walk had just over 300 people there and was held at a really nice park. We were out in nature and it was quiet, so we didn't have many meltdowns from anyone.

We had to leave the house eeeeaaarly, too early for a Saturday! I was a bit sketchy on the details but it turns out there was coffee and a light breakfast there, so I didn't have to worry about bringing snacks. We were near a Bass Pro shop, which Georgie loves, and a little lake, with lots of birds. The birds were hungry little piggies, so we spent most of our time stealing breads, bagels and donuts and feeding them to the birds. They had two wonderful playgrounds there, in the shade even, but my kids mostly wanted to hang around the water.

I admit I was hoping to meet some mom friends who are in the same boat as me. While I did have a nice chat with another mother, I was busy helping Cole go up and down the rock wall and down the slide (head first!) to network. Joseph wasn't feeling well, as the walk was pretty long and he had been  up late the night before, so we left after seeing the fire truck. We headed over to Bass Pro to look at all the animals and then we went out to lunch. We realized later that there were some AWESOME gift cards to resturants in the bag, and we should have gone there... oh, well. We want to go back to that town and explore some more, so I am sure we will use them then.

After our walk we came home and I napped for a little bit, since I had been up late the night before. When I woke up, we headed out the door to Mass and then to the Parish picnic. Unlike last year, when it was so cold Camille and I huddled near the smoker and we left early, the weather was perfect. One of Joseph's friends joined us for the evening and I played with the babies on the preschool playground and chatted with friends.

Speaking of Joseph and just to be slightly off topic... G and his needs and Cole being 18 months and Adam being gone... my hands are full and I am exhausted. I am glad he is going to school so he can get away from ME and have something that resembles "normal." We spent this past week running around and are so beat. I worry about him. As the oldest, he is so responsible and so mature. He tries to help me and knows when I am stressed. He actually comes over and rubs my arm to calm me down if he thinks I am upset. We're on the countdown until G is in school... I wonder how that will change things. I hope he remembers his childhood fondly and not some giant stressed out mess.