Code Name: Blessingway

This morning, I went to another city (okay, it was 45 minutes away) to help bless a friend as she awaits the arrival of her newest baby.

Dionna of Code Name: Mama is due any day now with her second child. One of her friends, Mandy, hosted a baby blessing at her house. I know both Dionna and Mandy from our local Attachment Parenting group and Mandy and I both "work" for Dionna at the Natural Parents Network.

Catch that? Okay, good, because sometimes the "six degrees of seperation" in our city (which acts like a small town, really) makes MY head spin!

I was just going to drive there myself (and rock out to my Jingle Spells Wizard Rock Christmas CDs and get an iced tea at McDonald's and enjoy peace and quiet...) but at the last moment Adam said he wanted to drive me. Okay, no biggie. I was a bit late because of this but not horribly so.

Dionna's blessingway was simple, but blessed. There was a small group of us who know each other well, but don't often to get to see each other. Dionna's mom came too, which touched me. My mother did not come to my baby shower (her choice) for Joseph and the fact that her mom was able to openly share how much her daughter means to her and see how much everyone loves Dionna shows just how awesome their relationship must be.

We made colorful candle holders out of glass jars and tissue paper so she can place them around her birthing room. Being a bunch of moms and hippies, we swapped birth stories. For once, the only thing that was uncommon about my births were the fact that they were all hospital births. All the women had had unmedicated births, many of them homebirths, so when we could say something about feeling our waters break, or the ring of fire or how birth can, indeed, be peaceful and painless, everyone knew what we ment. I love hearing positive birth stories and it was fun.

We all gathered in a circle and shared blessings for Dionna, her husband, son and soon to be Roo. The NPN staff sent gifts and local people brought food. I sent in pasta and sauce, so she has a simple and healthy meal on hand... and found a cute baby outfit too. (I lurv shopping for babies!) We are all wearing yarn bracelts and will cut the string when her labor begins, as a way to "be with her" for his birth.

Blessings be upon you, Dionna and family. May you have a healthy, bouncing baby in your arms soon!