Earth... Quake?

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Adam and I went out to dinner with some friends from church last night. After we got home, I worked on Christmas ornaments for a bit before Cole woke up and I nursed him.

I was sitting in front of the computer, surfing the net and holding a warm, sleeping toddler when I felt my desk shake. For a moment I thought it was the washing machine because our office is right about the laundry room and when it does its final spin cycle, it can really rock our house. But the washer wasn't on and the lamp was moving... earthquake? Maybe? We do live near a fault line... but it isn't active...

I asked Adam if he felt it and he was like, "Go to sleep. You are nuts!" but yet this morning FB was all abuzz with the quake that was felt over four states. So weird!

So what do you DO during an earthquake? Run to a door way? The basement? The center of the house? Board up windows? I mean, I live in tornado alley and went through a couple hurricanes and was almost evacuated from a country due to war but I have no idea what to do when the earth moves!