Happy Birthday PuddinPie!

PuddinPie's birth is forever
 linked to the Twilight series...
 and he proves this by showing
his support for Team Edward!
Mr. PuddinPie is THREE today! It is 2:02 pm and I was probably dragging myself into the NICU right about now, having not slept for several days. (Pregnancy insomnia, then I was reading some on the Internet during nap time and then my water broke and I had to labor....)

Three years ago, a neighbor loaded me the first book in the Twlight series. I read the first two in November 2008 when the older kids were sick and we were stuck at home. The movie opened the 20th and I told Adam that I wanted to see it in the theaters and he could have a "daddy day out" to see the Star Trek movie. He agreed.

The afternoon of the nineteenth I sat on my labor ball in the basement and read "Edward's story" on line. Yes, I wasted a perfectly good nap time on Twilight! I thought that I could rest when Adam got home and, anyway, my hips were hurting too much to lay down. That night, my water broke.

Then we had Georgie and I never did get to see it in the theaters. It wasn't until March that I paid to see it on-demand at home. I did the same with the second (or was it third?) movie; I watched it at home on-demand while I worked on nursing Cole.

It is perfectly fitting, then, that on the eighteenth my friend, and PP's godmother, and I went to see the first part of the last movie in theaters. Adam scored free tickets so we went. It was a GREAT mom's night out and a way to kick off his birthday weekend. (And being birth junkies, we wanted to see the birth scene and ended up being VERY glad we never gave birth to half-vampire babies!)

the singing birthday cards... not a hit

My parents came in town that night and, the next morning, they watched the kids as BigBrother and I went to serve food at the soup kitchen. When we got home, we were thrown into cleaning the house and prepping for dinner that night. The Little Dudes napped while I put the finishing touches on the "Cow cake that looked like Meep" and got the pizza crust ready.

I thought it looked like Meep. He thinks it's a cow.
 It tasted good.
PP's godparents and their kids, my parents, my sister in law, my niece and Adam's folks all came over for varying lengths of time. Master PuddinPie was quite spoiled! He got pop-up tunnels and a teepee from us, two games, some books, Dulpo and two toy horses. My sister-in-law brought him a Lightening McQueen chair that makes noise. (I will be returning the favor and am now accepting ideas for girl gifts that require, but are not limited too, make up, glitter and batteries!) So far, everything has been a hit!

That night, the older kids stayed with my parents at the hotel. We asked PP if he wanted to go and he said, "Uh uh!" Now normally EVERYTHING is no, but he actually looked like he meant it. Since he had taken a late nap, we let him stay up and watch a couple shows on TV. Adam and I were pretty tired but the Little Dudes were not. I think they went to bed around ten! Nothing like partying late when you turn three!

Today is his actual birthday. I'm making cookies for his class party and some Pumpkin Snickerdoodles for Thanksgiving. I think the Snickerdoodles are a hit because the kids keep stealing them! We said good bye to my parents and will probably make pancakes for dinner. I have to be at a meeting tonight and Adam will have the kids turn in early since no one really napped today and they were all up late.

Happy third birthday to my big dude, my second boy, my puddinpie! I hope all your birthdays are as fun as this one was!