She Has a Daddy

 This was the day Nina officially got a daddy and became a Stumbo.

Last night, the girls watched “A Little Princess” for the first time.  Towards the end of the movie, there is a scene where the little princess confronts the unkind and mean teacher asking, “Didn’t you have a daddy tell you that you are a princess, that you are beautiful!” The teacher, in a rage, leaves the room locking the little girl. There is anger, mingled with deep hurt as she storms out of the screen.

Ellie, my oldest, asked why the teacher reacted that way.

“Well sweetie” I responded, “Not everyone has daddy’s that tell them they are beautiful. Some daddy’s are mean. And some people don’t get to have a daddy. Isn’t that sad?”

“Oh…yeah” Ellie said softly, “It would be very sad if daddy was mean, or if I did not have one.”

Sitting on my lap, Nina cuddled close to me. She pressed her body tight against me.

“I am sad for that lady,” she finally said.

My daughter, my 5 year old little girl understood the reality of not having a daddy in a very  personal way.

She remembers. 

She remembers that she lived in an orphanage in Ukraine, with no mom or dad. She remembers what it feels like to be alone, and unloved. She has said to us many times she wishes she had never been at the orphanage. She wishes she had been a part of our family since the day she was born.

I had a rough afternoon with Nina. I reluctantly picked her up when she asked to sit on my lap. But now, I wanted to hug her tight and celebrate the fact that she has a daddy. A great daddy. One that loves her, cares for her, and makes her giggle. 

And what is more important. Her daddy will teach her all about her Father, the One who called us to love and adopt this little princess. The Father who has been with her all along.

Playing with her daddy for the first time.

Here is a video of the first time Nina felt comfortable touching Andy. It was our 3rd visit with her.