This Man

Love. Respect. Admiration. These are words that come to my mind when I think about this man, my husband.

There is a fierce competition in our house between all 4 of us girls when it comes to getting his attention. He loves us so well, and we love him right back! When he walks through the door after work, little feet run to him with squeals, and I have to wrestle those little people so I can get a hug and a kiss too.

Andy and I met in college. His sister Amy was a good friend of mine. She would occasionally ask me, "Have you met my little brother yet? I think you should marry him!" Amy and I were on our way to do laundry one day when Andy was walking the opposite direction. Amy introduced us. I had seen him before and thought he was so handsome, but I also thought he was an older student. Later on Amy asked what I thought about her brother. "Amy, he is NOT little!" We laughed...and then I married him! Okay, years later I married him.

He likes to do things to make me feel special. He sends me flowers, he sends me e-mails, he buys me my favorite candy bar on his way home when he knows I have had a hard day, or he leaves post-it notes around the house reminding me he loves me and he thinks I am beautiful.

Oh we have had our share of "hard." We fight, we disagree, we get frustrated. We hurt each other. Yet, like he reminds me, we are on the same team. Ad it has been good, really good.

I am thankful for my husband, incredibly thankful.

I am thankful that he works hard for our family, so that I don't have to. I am thankful that he is a great dad, and I don't ever worry about the girls when he is in charge. I can be gone for a weekend and know that other than messy hair and mismatched clothes, the girls are in great hands. I am thankful that my husband loves the Lord with all his mind, soul and strength. I am thankful that he cherishes me. I am thankful that he makes our time together a priority. I am thankful that he is my biggest fan when it comes to writing. I am thankful that we are friends. I am thankful for the spiritual leadership he gives to our family and our church.

I am so proud of the last few months as Andy has taken on the role of a senior pastor. He has a heart full of love for this church and the people in this community.

I don't take enough time to thank Andy for all that he does for me and my family. I don't tell him enough how proud I am of him. I don't always show him respect.

Today, I want to honor my husband. This man holds my heart, and the best is yet to be. I am one lucky girl!