Conversation With the Husband

Andy is sitting in the living room, watching sports, playing some bird game on the iPad. I am walking around, maybe picking up the house, maybe not, I am not telling.

Andy: I saw you blogged about your night at Applebees with your MOPS friends.
Ellen: Wow! You actually read my blog?
Andy: Sure!
Ellen: You know what would be nice. If you read my blog, you could leave me a comment!
Andy: Do you ever read your comments?
Ellen: Of course I do! I read every single one of them!

At this point, I have left the living room and I am walking towards our room. I hear Andy's voice calling.

Andy: Yeah, what about than anonymous comment that said the cake was really good and asked who serves that.
Ellen: Google images does!

I make it to the doorway in our room, and I have that "Aha!" moment. I spin on my heel and march straight back at Andy, stand in front of him, one hand on my hip, one hand pointing at his face!

Ellen: You!
Andy: (laughing)
Ellen: That was you!
Andy: (laughing)
Ellen: (laughing)
Andy: At least you thought it was funny!
Ellen: At least you left a comment!
Andy: (more laughing)
Ellen: (more laughing, shaking my head)

So here you go honey, served by google images, not only a slice, but an entire cake!
(minus the one tasty slice)