Finally! We're Officially on Break!

Today was our last official activity, so now we're free!  Free as a bird!  (Can you tell it's been an awfully busy time for us?!) No more school for a few weeks! All I have is grading to do, and  Friday was the last day of school for the girls, marked by school parties and Zoe's class going caroling at a local Alzheimer's center.

No more ballet for a few weeks!  After all the busyness of rehearsals and performances, we had final demonstration classes and done!

Now we have no more piano lessons for a few weeks, after a fun cookies-and-carols event at the piano teacher's house.

No more boring work parties where Mama makes you wear itchy tights and fancy clothes!  Actually, the girls like this party, since Santa comes and there are crafts for the kids.  The chocolate fountain was a really big hit this year, too!

No more Chinese School!  Today was the last day, culminating in the annual Open House where each class performs and then gets to EAT!  This year the girls learned a flag dance in addition to the usual songs-with-hand-movements their classes do.  Since they've been coming early to Chinese School for WEEKS to practice for it, not surprisingly, they did a great job!  And they'll get to perform it again for a Chinese New Year celebration next year.

Maya's song was about a "cute rose," and each child delivered a rose to her mom -- awwww!

Zoe's class helped a younger class with a Chinese zodiac song -- each child did a sound or a move or something to represent the character on his/her sign, and Zoe is eating grass as a sheep (she's really a dragon, but was happy to settle for sheep since Maya is a sheep!).

This is just an excuse to put up a photo of the cute outfit Zoe put together for today!  Also I didn't get any decent pictures of her during the actual flag dance! (In fact, this whole post is just an excuse to post cute pictures of my kids, right?!)

Here's Maya's line, moving their flags in a way that apparently "drew numbers" as they shouted them out in Chinese.

So now we're free!  Free to sleep late, to play, to be lazy, to breathe!  I plan to enjoy every minute of doing nothing, because it sure won't last for long. . . .