Initial Me a Gift...My Answers!

Thanks for playing! This is what Andy and I came up with for your initials...

J. D. C. C.

Ellen: Just Daily Chocolate Cake
Andy: John Denver Christmas Carols

P. A. C.

Ellen: Plentiful Abundant Cash
Andy: Pork And Cheese

S. W. K.

Ellen: Seven White Kites
Andy: Snow White Kittens

B. Y. F.

Ellen: Beautiful Yellow Flowers
Andy: Big Yellow Frogs

P. E. N. S.

Ellen: Pretty Elegant New Shoes
Andy: Purple Elephant No Stripes
Andy: Pink Elephant No Socks

Now I am curious to know what you really want!

As for my MOPS group, turns out the lady did want New King Size Bed Sheets!
But what did I go with? Nobody Knows, Somebody Buy Something!

That was fun! Thanks!