Oh the Season to be Sick!

Let it be known, that winter in my home is usually defined by sinus infections. We all get them, but Nichole wins the prize hands down for the most, and worst sinus infections! At the beginning of the year, her sinus infection turned into periorbital cellulitis, so when she gets one, I don't mess around! And not that I ever overreact or anything close to that! Ha! In all seriousness though, I don't ever mess with Nichole's health. Little colds turn into big colds. Little coughs turn into croup.

Before Thanksgiving, Nichole had a sinus infection, so she was on antibiotics. She got better, but not without sharing with her sisters. Ellie has been fighting this for 3 weeks, so yesterday, she got antibiotics (the first of the year, not bad huh?) Nichole had been just fine. Well, this morning she had a runny nose, and eventually I got a call from school. She was lethargic, watery eyes, and a fever.

I picked her up at school.

Nichole: Mommy. Scawy! (makes sign for scary)
Mom: You are sick and it is scary?
Nichole: (Points at head) Scawy! (makes sign for scary) Sick! (makes sign for sick, changes fingers and signs scary again) Scawy!

School uses a forehead thermometer. Nichole and thermometers...well...they don't go together.

Mom: It was scary huh? Let's go home.
Nichole: Yes! Daddy!

And I think that made her feel all better...until we went to see the doctor. On the bright side, she is the sweetest thing every time we leave as she waves goodbye to the nurses. The sweetest thing.

At home, however, we are stuck with a bear! A sick bear!