Quick Takes Friday: Tom the Elf, Sporty Snowmen and Pinterest

Meet Tom, our Elf on the Shelf. I wasn't going to buy one. I have no problems with people who use them and they are kinda cute but, eh. However, the kids have them in their classrooms and think they are funny. (Side note: I have no idea why a public school teacher would have them in their classrooms. Maybe as a story starter? I hope so.)
Anyway, they kept asking for one so I bought one. I think they just want him to do funny things in the morning. So far, he's hung out with the Angry Bird on St. Nicholas Day and chilled with the Wise Men.

We have a Jesse tree. I use the book "Advent and Jesse Tree Devotionals." However, I also supplement with our Catholic Children's Bible. Camille especially likes hearing the stories but we have two small problems. One- I follow the CGS teaching that children should be rooted in the Love of God before they learn about the wrath of God. Therefore, no OT readings aside from what they hear in Mass. So about that story about Abraham and Isaac... because you KNOW my kids would ask, "Mom, if God told you to, would your sacrifice us?"
Quesrtion number 2- If there is one strand of lights on the tree and it is a new strand, why is only the bottom half lit?

When I was at WM with my mother, I took advantage of her presence to do some Christmas shopping. I bought odds and ends for the kids and needed to get everything for my husband. Because of this, and a few daily things I needed, our bill was slightly higher than normal. I was in sticker shock a bit and worried, because my husband does not like money spent on himself, until he brought this home:

Yes, that is a decorated shovel with snowmen on it, all decked out in his favorite school team. This is sooo not my style. I'm more Pottery Barn and Williams-Somona and Crate and Barrel than this but if he likes it.... le sigh. I think the sports stuff is trying to take over the house. But I figure if he can impluse by this, then I'm not worrying about spending money for actual Christmas gifts that do NOT have sports team snowmen on them.

It's a little know fact that the Wise Men visited Frosty on their way to see the baby Jesus:

(Yes, that is another sports team themed snowman you see.)

I call this "too much fun on Pinterest." I needed something taller for my mantel so I search "mantel" and "Christmas mantel." The result is modge podged large Christmas lights covered in glitter and put into a clear vase with sparkle braches and fake berries. And glitter. Everywhere.

Every year I make ornaments. This year, I took mini canvas' and painted them. I added a couple coats of clear glitter paint (that smells like the inside of a flower shop) and painted names and initals on them. The kids recieved their's on St. Nicholas Day but the rest are becoming the gift tags on pressies. Gift tags that double as an ornament... ooohhh... so clever! And, yeah, I got the idea off of (are you ready for this?) Pinterest.

It's a rough life but someone has to chill with the remote and Starbucks.