Asian American Dolls

And I mean real dolls -- not calling Asian American girls and women dolls, which is completely yuck. And now weird guys with an Asian fetish are going to come to my blog.  Sigh.

At the Jade Luck Club blog, the best dolls for Asian American/Pacific Islander girls. The blogger is surprised by all the dolls available, because there weren't many when she was a child:

In browsing all the doll choices at Amazon labeled Asian, I was struck by the multitude of Asian baby dolls. These did not exist when I was little. I wonder if this market niche will continue to grow as the Asian market overseas has more purchasing power. I was also surprised by the specificity of the dolls: Asian baby with Down’s Syndrome (?!) and also Tipi from Laos. Interesting, huh? What do you think of all these choices? And, do your kids have a favorite doll? Please share!

So go add to her list! Our most recent Asian doll purchase was a porcelain doll.  I don't know why, but Zoe has become very interested in porcelain dolls. She's always loved dolls (Maya is more into stuffed animals), and at age 11 still loves to play with her baby dolls.

Once when we were looking at dolls she mused, "I wish there was a porcelain doll with dark hair and a panda!" Ding ding ding!  I knew I'd seen one on some website somewhere.  Didn't track it down again in time for Christmas, but got it for her anyway! Here it is, one of Zoe's new favorites: