Will She?

The moment Nichole came out of me, I knew she had Down syndrome. Within seconds, a tide of questions inundated me as I pictured Nichole's future:

-Will she ever get married?
-Will she have a job?
-Will she have friends?
-Will she go to college?
-Will she have hobbies?
-Will she play any sports?
-Will she learn how to play any instruments?

The thing is, those questions and thoughts never really crossed my mind when Ellie was born. At least not the same day she was born! Yet, with Nichole, those were the questions I was dealing with the same day of her birth. The expectations and the normal ways of life all of a sudden did not seem to apply. 

Funny how Nichole can grab a little guitar and show me  that she will do whatever she sets her mind to.

You wonder what my life can look like mom? Here is a little glimpse. Picture me at church leading people in worship, showing them what a pure hearts looks like before the Lord.

Okay, maybe Nichole is not thinking all of that, but she is showing us that we can dream big. This little girl is not going to let us limit her, because she has so much potential, so much to offer, so much to give!

So here she is, my little girl with Down syndrome giving me the best guitar concerts I have seen while she pretends. And who knows! Maybe some day, she will actually be helping her daddy lead worship!

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