Asians Aloud: Paul & James

This is BRILLIANT!  Thanks to Lisa Marie Rollins for sharing this link on her facebook page -- I missed it a year ago when it came out.  Here we have two Korean adoptees talking about being Asian, as part of an HBO series, Asians Aloud.

This is how 8Asians describes the clip:

Meet Paul Fanelli and James Minger, two Korean adoptees interviewed on camera as part of HBO’s Asian’s Aloud East of Main Street series last year. While both are Korean adoptees, the interview is fascinating in how completely different in how they look, how they interact with each other — think an adoptee Abbott & Costello — and how they identity as Asian American. (Paul is especially entertaining to watch, as he’ll probably be the closest thing to a Korean guido you will ever meet.)

What do you think of it?  I'm curious -- do you think your child will grow up to be Paul or James?  Why?