One Year Post-Rhizotomy Gait Analysis

Yesterday Nina had another gait analysis to check on her progress one year post-rhizotomy. Last year she needed her walker, this time, she walked all on her own.

Please excuse the out-of-control nervous giggles. She really has no control once she gets started and she knew she couldn't fall because of the "space stickers" she had on.

She also got to do some walking with her braces on. It is simply incredible that this girl is finally walking!

I think it is fun to see the "gear" Nina had to wear.

Besides the "space stickers" Nina had some sort of "microphones" on her legs so they could hear her muscles "talking." Now I don't know the real terms for what these are, but the explanation they gave to Nina makes sense to me! They really do get a lot of information about what her body is able to do by "listening to the muscles." You can see in her leg what those gadgets looked like.

In a couple of weeks we meet with all the doctors at Mayo Clinic and we talk about what is next for Nina. Most likely we have another surgery in the future. Nina's spasticity was pretty bad and even after cutting 60% of her nerves, she is still tight. One thing at a time. For now, it was just fun to see the doctors wow at the difference in all her measurements from last year.

The on PT was not thrilled with Nina's braces. We don't like them very much either. She mentioned they don't fit Nina well and had some recommendations on what to do until we can get her different braces. So we shall do that too.

And I want to say THANK YOU to all of you that have kept Nina in your prayers as she had the surgery and as she has learned how to walk. Your prayers and support have been an incredible gift. Really, we are so grateful for you.