Bedtime Routine

We have been working on our charts and routines. Nichole is very visual (as so are most small children) and she especially likes pictures of things that are familiar to her. As we work on making our chart, we decided to take our own pictures.

So here is our bedtime routine in pictures for the girls that cannot read yet and because pictures are fun!

1. Eat vitamins

2. Pick up play-room

3. Put jamies on

4. Put dirty clothes in laundry basket

5. Go potty

6. Wash hands

7. Brush teeth

 8. Get in bed

Once in bed, I read the girls a story and we pray together.

Note: When I did this with Ellie a few years back it really worked! So much so that she has actually stuck to the bedtime routine even after I stopped reinforcing it. Routines really work with kids! Especially when there are pictures and they participate at creating them.

If you are wondering what this is about, it is a result of wanting to live intentionally, you can go back and read more about that.

I am curious, what is the bedtime routine like at your house?