Fifty-somethings refill nests with adoptions

From the Tennessean:
At 57, Marla and Dwayne Hastings have a house full of child playthings and little feet running around. Again.

The Franklin couple, who have five grown children, just a few weeks ago brought home their third child from an orphanage in China, a 5-year-old boy with a huge smile whom they’ve named Hudson.
He’s quickly adjusted to life here with the help of big brother James, 8, who joined the family in 2008, and big sister Gracee, also 8, who came home in 2005.

“People think we’re crazy,” says Marla, who adds that people thought they were crazy when they kept on having children back in the day. Or when her husband left a corporate job for seminary.

“They ask, ‘Why?’” she says. “We say, ‘Why not?’”

At a time of life when many Americans would be checking on the 401(k)s and helping the kids move out of the nest, the Hastings are part of a close-knit group of faithful 50-somethings who are starting family all over again through adoption.
One of the adoptive parents in the article credits her decision to adopt to a colleague who said "Better old parents than no parents." What do you think?