Joyce Maynard Talks About Adoption Disruption

I've posted before (see here and here) about Joyce Maynard's decision to disrupt her adoption of two Ethiopian girls.  Here, in an interview with National Geographic Traveler, she talks about it for the first time publicly (at about 11:30 she talks about the decision to adopt, then the meeting with her new daughters, then traveling in Ethiopia with the two girls, and then starting around 18:15, she talks disruption until the end of the clip):

If you watch the whole clip, it seems rather bizarre to have this conversation about disruption in the midst of casual talk about travel. I found the whole thing rather unsettling because of the juxtaposition of this conversation with flighty talk about bad haircuts and fun travel.

Some of the reasons Maynard gave for why she "wasn't the right mother" for these children is that they needed a father and they needed a younger mother.  That's as much detail as she gave. She confesses her own arrogance in believing that "love conquers all," but that's as close to an apology I heard.  And there's nothing about lessons learned, nothing that sounds like genuine regret, just a blythe assurance that all was right in the girls' lives now.

I'm sure she chose this forum because it would be a softball interview.  But, in my opinion, the softball nature did not show her in a very positive light.