Living Outside My Limits

I have no doubt about it; I am living outside my limits. Oh I am busy all right, but not busy with the right things. I wonder then, if in some way I am wasting my precious time (and life) by living outside my limits. 

I joined the 15 Habits of Great Writers Series and today the challenge was believe. Believe that you are a writer and wake up 2 hours before you usually do so you can write. I panicked.

I can tell you this is going to be a problem, I will not be able to follow through with the challenge. It is not just because I like to sleep, or because I am not a morning person. No, the problem runs much deeper than that. I already don’t get enough sleep, and it has nothing to do with my children or the household chores that need to be done. My kids are great sleepers and I don’t do chores. Okay, I do minimal amount of chores to keep my family afloat, but I have become lazy. No, my problem runs deeper than that. The problem is I live outside my limits and I lack a good measure of discipline.

Do you live outside your limits? Here are some thoughts for you to consider:

Are you always busy?

Do you have a hard time saying no?

Do you forget things easily?

Do you blame others for the things that go wrong in your life?

Do you commit to things and struggle to follow through?

Do you spend enough quality time with the people that you love and matter to you?

Do you get angry easily?

Do you get anxious easily?

Do you get depressed easily?

Do you crave junk food?

Do you feel as if life happens to you rather than making life happen?

Do you get enough sleep? (If not, why not?)

Do you feel you are constantly trying to catch up with your responsibilities?

Are you often tired?

Do you feel lazy and leave things “for later”?

Are you merely surviving?

Do you have time to do the things you love?

Do you know what fuels your soul and gives you life? (If you do, do you have time for those?)

Do you take care of your body? (healthy diet and exercise)

Do you have free time?

How often do you finish a day and think to yourself, “well done”?

I don’t want to live life outside my limits, I want to enjoy life to the fullest. I don’t want to spend hours checking my e-mail, facebook, and twitter. Sure, I can justify saying I enjoy it, I get to connect with people, but mostly, social media and my endless hours behind a screen rob me of much more than they give. (<--click to tweet)

I won’t be getting up 2 hours earlier to write. Instead, I am taking my life back! And if you live outside your limits, maybe you can join me and take yours back too! I want to live life, and live it to the fullest.

What will this look like for me? I think it means I need to live intentionally, and I will work on what that means for me and share this with you tomorrow.