Sarah Silverman on Adoption

Remember when Kristen Chenowith compared adopting children to adopting puppies from the shelter?  Sarah Silverman has recently done the same:
During an appearance on “The Conversation with Amanda De Cadenet” Sarah Silverman, who hopes to adopt in the future in a bid to avoid passing on her own problems with depression to a child, explained:
“We live in Los Angeles, where everybody is like, ‘Don’t get your dog from a breeder, get your dog from a shelter…’ and I agree, but don’t get your people from a breeder. There are human puppies in shelters and it’s odd that that never seems to be a connection that people make.”

“If you’re not OK with yourself… it’s easier to love a dog than a person in need because you don’t see all the things you hate about yourself reflected back in the eyes of a dog. If Africa was full of springer spaniels dying of AIDS and starvation we’d probably take care of it in a day.”