This was the best face shot we could get!
Such a girly girl! She was playing with her cord and wrapped it on her shoulder like a purse!!
Sunday, June 17th we find out that there is absolutely no way possible that Forrest is going to be able to take off work to go with me to the big appointment. It was something beyond our control, but now what do I do? Cancel after we have had this appointment for 4 weeks, go by myself, or try and find someone else to go with me. Forrest said cancel, but I was scared to. I knew I didn't want to go without him, but I also didn't want to cancel. In the end the only thing I could do was to cancel. Forrest is my husband, and I could not go to this appointment without him. I called first thing Monday morning and explained the situation. We rescheduled for July 2nd. Now we have to wait 2 more weeks. I don't do good with the whole waiting thing at all!! I called Forrest and told him when I rescheduled for and he just happen to say "to bad they can't see you tomorrow. I could go with you tomorrow morning." Well you never know unless you ask, so I got off the phone with Forrest and called the office back and asked. It was totally my lucky day!!!! Right after I called and canceled they had a lady call that was scheduled to come in Tuesday morning but she wanted to come in Monday morning. They just swapped our appointments! I called Forrest so excited about the news. This is a good sign, I just knew that everything was going to be ok. Tuesday, June 18th gets here and we had to go see good ole Dr. Pickens at Ruch Clinic first at 8:40. He is my regular OB/GYN that will hopefully be delivering Mary Martin. He is so awesome and down to earth, and about September I will start bugging the crap out of him to please be the one to deliver my baby! Haha! We will see if it works. Nothing special about that appointment because he knew we were going 3 floors down to see Dr. Schneider and have the fetal echocardiogram done that same day. We leave there and head downstairs. I had read up on this procedure and knew that it would take about a hour to do. We get there and go through all the usual  check in stuff, nurse calls me back, and then we wait for the ultrasound tech to call us back. We go back to the ultrasound room and I get all comfy on the table. The big screen tv comes on in front of us and we get to see everything, and Mary Martin was dancing around! The tech started from the top of her head and worked her way down checking EVERYTHING! They checked the blood flow, kidneys, brain, and measured her bones. Her little bones did measure smaller than 20 weeks, but with Down Syndrome that is to be expected. No biggie on that, she will just be a little shorty! Then we get focused on the heart. She stayed on the heart for a while. By this point our appointment is now at 1 1/2 hours. I'm not worried, this girl is just being picky I'm sure. Then another girl comes in to help out on trying to get a certain view, then Dr. Schneider comes in and is looking at the screen and talking to the techs. He starts making small talk with us, but by this point I'm to nervous to talk. He steps out of the room, and the other tech steps out. We are finally finished!!! I wipe my stomach and set up. Oops......she said, I forgot to look at one other thing. I lay back down, and she puts that probe on my stomach again. Now she is checking the umbilical cord. Why in the world would she need to check that? She starts that and I am laying on that table for another 30 minutes! She said something looked "different" about the blood flow going from the placenta to the heart. I really didn't think much about it because I had to go pee so bad! Haha!! This time we are really finished, and she takes us to my least favorite room in that office. I call it the "bad news room", but today it was going to be the "good news room!" Dr. Schneider comes in and delivers the verdict. He said, "We can't tell for sure, but it looks like there is some kind of heart problem. It will probably take several surgeries to fix. We are going to refer you to Dr. Joshi who is a pediatric cardiologist  at LeBonheur, and we are going to try and get you in ASAP. By this point Dr. Schneider s talking to Forrest and he has slid the box of tissue to me. I knew this was a possibility, but it still hurts. Then he proceeds to tell us that there seems to be some blood flow "restriction" and we are not sure if it is coming from the heart or placenta. The blood should be flowing smoothly, but it seems that it's not. He said the placenta could be "hardening" or the heart could be weak. They were not sure, but Dr. Joshi would be able to tell and let us know what we needed to do. DEVESTATED is how I felt. Her little heart is broken.......why can't it be my heart? We left the office with a ton of ultrasound pictures, a swollen face, red eyes, and a broken heart for mommy and daddy. Now we wait another week to find out what will happen next. God please help our sweet Mary Martin and heal her heart.
One proud Daddy!!!!