We found out the day after Mother's Day that our sweet little angel was going to have Down Syndrome, and that we were going to have a GIRL!!! Not many people get to find out at 14 weeks that they will for sure be having a boy or girl, but we did!!! Our results came back with an extra 21st chromosome and it was XX......meaning girl!!! Forrest came home at lunch that day with a pink teddy bear and gave me the news! We wanted to wait to tell everyone, because we were not ready to talk to everyone about the Down Syndrome, but we did want to come up with some cute way to tell our family. Things didn't exactly work out quite like we had planned, but here is what we had planned:

We are having a baby,
   and that's no maybe.
It's been a long road,
   but I think we finally cracked the code!
We will have some ups and downs,
   but we're always going to smile and never frown.
Down Syndrome is the name,
   rocking an extra chromosome is the game.......

We are going to have a Down Syndrome Princess!!!! I bought blue and yellow rhinestones (DS colors) to glue on the tiaras to show our support!