Mary Martin's first visit to Le Bonheur!!

On June 26, 2012 Forrest and I got up super early in order to be at Le Bonheur at 7:00 am. Our actual appointment wasn't until 7:30 am, but we were a new patient and I knew there would probably be some paperwork. Plus we were not sure exactly where to go, luckily neither of our boys has ever had an appointment here. As we get in the truck to leave the house the very first song on K Love was "All of Me" by Matt Hammitt. I knew at that moment that know matter what everything was going to be ok. Good or bad God was in control and I knew it. I was on the verge of breaking down the whole way to the hospital. Forrest dropped me off at the main entrance so I wouldn't have to walk so far. He went and parked the car and came in to meet me. We walked around and walked around, and walked some more until this security guard offered to help us. I guess he could kind of tell we were lost! Ha! Come to find out we were in the complete wrong building!!! We went to the old main entrance instead of the new one, so we walked done the sidewalk and found the physician waiting room for the cardiology, neurology, and urology patients. It was a HUGE waiting room, and we were the first and only one's in there. I'm pretty sure I was the oldest patient at Le Bonheur that day! Technically Mary Martin was the patient, but because she has not been born yet I had to be the patient for insurance purposes. We get checked in and it wasn't long before Sharon called us back. She took us to one of the many echo rooms, and got us all comfy. Like always there was a big screen tv on the wall in front of us. Naturally we wanted to see everything that she saw on her tiny screen, so Forrest asked if she could turn the tv on. She sounded kind of shocked, but said "sure, what would you like to watch?" Forrest told her about everything that we have been through and how we have always been able to see what they are seeing. She turned the tv on and asked "What channel would you like to watch?" Forrest said, "Whatever channel the ultrasound is on." By this point I realize what has happened. We are at a children's hospital and 99.9% of the time they are doing echo's on children. They have the tv's there for the kids to watch cartoons!!!! Hahaha!!! We didn't keep the tv on after we figured all of that out. We had to watch the tiny screen on the ultrasound machine with the tech. It gave us all a good laugh! Sharon was really good, she stayed strictly on the heart with her steady hand. The only time she would move the probe is when she was chasing Mary Martin down! It was really cool to see her move so much, and the clarity on the ultrasound machine was so clear when she would move you could see little bubbles! She took pictures and pictures, and more pictures. Two hours later we were finally finished. My back was so stiff and I was ready to sit up for a minute. Dr. Joshi came in, introduced himself and began going through all 80+ pictures of Mary Martin's heart. He was talking to the tech and she was telling him what view and they were talking medical terms. After he finished she left and he began talking to us. I was ready for whatever he had to say. The very first thing he asked us was "Is there anything I can tell you that would make you not want to continue this pregnancy?" I think we were both a little shocked because it took us both a second to answer! I piped up and said "No! Her heart can be completely broken and we will still love her and take care of her. She is our baby." He was very happy to hear that. Then he went on to say words that still make me cry........"I'm tempted to say her heart is normal." What did he just say? Oh great the tears are flowing and I can't talk! Forrest is holding himself together like he always does and he is asking all the questions. He did say it was still early and everything was paper thin, but if there was anything wrong it was going to be very minor compared to what we were thinking. All 4 chamber of her heart were there and all 4 of the heart valves were there. Her heart is NOT broken!! Miracles do happen! I have no clue if Dr. Schneider saw a problem or not, he is not a cardiologist, but I do know that God is the ultimate healer and can perform any miracle. He wasn't super worried about the blood flow restriction at this time. He said that she is behind on developing (which we were already aware of) and that hopefully in 2 weeks this issue would be better. He wants us to come back and see him at Dr. Schneider's office on July 12th. That way we can see both doctors in the same office on the same day and they can converse together on our case. We have been very blessed in this visit with good news, but we do know that things can change. We still have a very long road ahead of us, and we definitely need your prayers! Mary Martin is a very special gift that has been given to our family and I can't wait to meet her, introduce her to the world, and teach her about the God that made her! Pray for Mary Martin!!!