New Wheels {Minivan Edition}

If you read my last post you know that our minivan retired (engine went "bye-bye"). Replacing an engine is really expensive. If we had a nice van, maybe the cost of fixing it would be worth it, but when your van is not even worth as much as a new know it really was time for the minivan to rest in the junk yard, or be sold for scrap, or be fixed by it's people (Ford peeps) that can afford to replace the engine and resell it.

Yesterday, Andy and I drove to the car dealership where our Ford Windstar was towed and we looked around for a replacement. We did find something on-line, and they had not sold it yet. We did a test drive, we asked questions, and then we had to trust God because my husband is a stud but his car smarts don't really make the cut.

And so last night we drove out with a new minivan (new for us!) and I really like it!

And we are hoping that this one lasts longer than 3 years.

Presenting the Stumbo van (a Dodge Caravan, and this is a picture I found maybe I should not write such a statement as "presenting the Stumbo van" since, well, this is not the real thing sitting in my garage...oh get an idea)