Overheard: Family Reunion

As my mother swooped in to take a photo of Camille and Cousin's Daughter, OldestCousin said, "Don't do that! In one hundred years, everyone will think they are sisters!"
"No, in one hundred years everyone will complain that no one labeled the picture!" cracked Cousin.

The day after the reunion, we headed out to Gettysburg to temper my sadness on leaving Cousin and his family. (That and I am a Civil War Junkie and begged to go... and I might have put a guilt trip on my husband. Just maybe.) As we were about to embark on the Auto Tour, I heard Joseph trying to explain the Civil War to Camille.

"So, we're going to see the battle?" she asked. Thinking she meant the reenactments, I said, "No, honey, we don't have time."

"But the battle is still going on, right?"

"Uh, no honey. The battle ended a long time ago."

"YOU MEAN I MISSED IT?!" she shrieked. "But I want to see a BATTLE!"

I think Miss Cami a) needed more sleep and b) needs to watch more History Channel with her brother and grandfather.


When we got home an overtired Georgie was harassing an overtired Camille. Suddenly I heard, "Poopy hea!"

I looked at Adam. "Did he just say poopy head?" Adam nodded.

Is there a line for "Apraxic Preschoolers First Insult" in the Baby Book?