Take me out to the Ball Game!!!

After hitting up Six Flags on Saturday we decided to surprise the boys and take them to a St. Louis Cardinals game! They just happen to be playing Sunday afternoon, and because Sunday is "kids" day the boys got a free shirt. Now it was an XL adult size, but they were excited! This was the very first major league baseball game for the Dunlop family!! I was kind of worried about how me and Mary Martin would handle the heat, but I should have known that my husband and her daddy was always going to take care of us! He made sure we had good seats in the shade!!! 

Not an official ticket, but these were our tickets! We bought them online and printed them at the hotel!!

This is the view from our seats. You could see every single thing that went on and we stayed cool!

The Cardinals were down by 1 in the bottom to the 9th against the Marlins. 3 balls, 2 strikes, and 2 outs. Bases were loaded and Rafael Furcal was up to bat. Me and Mary Martin could not watch! I wanted them to win so bad for both my boys and my baby girl!!! Forrest, Joncarlo, and Hunter were standing, anxiously waiting on what was about to happen. Furcal hit a single and knocked in Matt Carpenter and David Freese for a 5-4 win against the Marlins!!!! WE WON!!!!!!!! And what was even better is after the game they let the kids run the bases! They said Mary Martin was to little........that was fine by us because it was really to hot for her to be running those bases anyways!

This was the amazing view from home plate where Forrest, me, and Mary Martin waited for the boys to round home plate. We all had a blast, and the smiles on everyones face was priceless. God is Good!