The Dunlop's take over Six Flags!!!
Saturday July 7, 2012

To celebrate our first anniversary Forrest and I decided to plan a family vacation. I know what most of you are thinking........You guys are crazy!!! Well here is the thing One of our babies was going to be going with us regardless so why not take all of them? This would be our very first family of 5 vacation. I know it seems kind of odd counting this as Mary Martin's very first family vacation, but God does not promise any of us a tomorrow and with her being high risk we want to make sure we count every single milestone that we can just in case she is called home. So we all loaded up and headed to St. Louis! This was our very first family vacation photo and yes Speedy decided to jump in there!! We started off at the water park. The guys bought "flash passes" so they would not have to stand in the long lines, while me and Mary Martin hung out in the wave pool or the lazy river. We did stand at the end of a few slides and watch the boys come down. They were pretty excited about that. After several hours and me going through an entire can of SPF 1 million sunscreen we decided to head on into the park!

The boys rode the Superman! This ride is 23 stories tall and drops at a speed of approx. 62 mph. Joncarlo wanted to stay on the ground with me and Mary Martin and I was totally fine with that, but then he decided to tough it up and go on it. Standing at the bottom watching them rise to the top was very scary for me and yes I almost cried!! A lady sitting by me told me when they dropped so me and Mary Martin could run over there and cheer for them for doing it. We were so very proud of our boys!! 

Next came the high flying swing ride for our boys! It went really high (not as high as Superman), and there were no sudden drops or going upside down. Joncarlo once again wanted to stay with me and Mary Martin, but he went on the ride anyways. Once it was over he was glad he rode it. Hunter was waving at us on the bottom and smiling ear to ear the whole time! At the end of the day I do believe this was the favorite ride for both boys. And I will have to say that this was probably mine and Mary Martin's favorite to watch. We just waved and waved from the bottom. 

Mary Martin was completely fine with not being able to ride only of the rides, but she went "bananas" when she saw the games!!! "Everyone's a winner", "One shot wins",  and "Shoot 'til you win!" went on and on. There was no way we were going to take any chances on having to carry a life size banana around with us all day, and I have no idea where we would have put it in the truck! So she was happy with taking a picture with the smiling, life size, hippie banana. We got lucky on that one!! The boys had a great time and got to ride almost every single ride. Because of the weather all of the rides got shut down, but by that point we were all hot, tired, and VERY hungry! I know I was ready for some real food that didn't cost an arm and a leg. We called it a day and headed back to the hotel. It was by far the best Saturday of my life. I had my husband, both of my boys, and my little girl with me. God is good!!