The Missing Cat Mystery

The Missing Cat Mystery: A story about kittens, cousins, and vacationing written by  my very own 6 year old! Ellie loves to write stories and I finally have "permission" to share something with you here on the blog. Please leave her a comment as she is anxious to hear what you all think about her story. If you get this via e-mail, stop by and leave her a message, will you? You are in for a treat with my newest "guest blogger."

Chapter 1
We get to see them

One day, I went with my cousins into the garage. What I saw was 3 little cats cuddling up with their mother! When I went out of the garage I saw Lexy treating the cats like stuffed animals. I told her to stop and she did. When I came back to the garage…Nina was just petting the cats. I got to pet them too.

Chapter 2
The Names

The next morning, me and my cousin Alyssa got to name the cats. I named the black cat Clowe. Then we found out that her name was actually Princess. Alyssa named the stripped one Zebra, and Alyssa named the last one Ginger. Their favorite place to play was under some wood.

Chapter 3
The Escape

Later that evening, Princess went into the woods. I tried to go after her but there were too many branches and poison Ivy. Later she came back and I was so happy to see her. I held her. I put her in my lap. I got to pet her. Alyssa wanted to hold her, I told her, “You could hold her later.”

Chapter 4
All Disappear

The next morning all the cats were gone. So I went back inside. After lunch, I saw one of the babies! But the other two were still gone. I looked in the woods. I found a string. I tried to throw it in to the woods but there were too many branches. I looked under cars. Under trailers. Then finally: I. Gave. Up.

Chapter 5
Came Back

The next morning when I woke up I found Princess! I was so happy, but where were the others? Then some wind blew, and out of the cabinet came…Ginger and Zebra.

Chapter 6
Good Bye

It was time to leave…I had to say goodbye. I felt like I was going to cry. I said, “I love you.” I said, “Good bye.” And I hoped some day…I could have my own cat…until we get a dog.

I kissed her… I hugged her. I sang to her until she fell asleep. Then I said good bye to her one more time.

True Story