The Name Game!!!!

Many people have asked and were wondering how we came up with the name "Mary Martin. Well it was easy, but not easy!! When we found out we were going to have a baby we started thinking about baby names. We were on complete opposite ends of the universe when it came to names. I liked different names like "Harper", "Blair", and "Molly" for a little girl while Forrest liked more of the common names like "Olivia" and "Chloe." My all time favorite was "Mary" that was a name that was just stuck in my head. We didn't focus to much on boys names, but we did have it narrowed down to two.....Sawyer or Isaac. Forrest just knew it was going to be a little girl so he wasn't to interested in talking about boy names! Since we couldn't agree on any girl names we did agree to start looking into Biblical names. I really like Forrest's middle name "Martin." He was named after his grandmother whose name was Evelyn Martin Hall. Martin was her maiden name. I feel in love with his middle name and we knew whether it was a boy or girl we wanted to keep the family name of Martin going. I remember being in Oxford one weekend for a baseball tournament and I told Forrest I wanted to tell him why I like the name "Mary Martin" and why it was so special to me. That's when the song "Marry Me" by Train came into play. He had never heard that song before and I played it for him. I remember looking at him and saying "today and everyday I would marry you over and over again", and every single time I look at this little girl (if it is a girl) and say her name it will remind me of that vow we made and the love we share. He still didn't agree to the name, but he did start thinking about it. About 2 weeks later is when we found out that the baby was going to have Down Syndrome and it was going to be a GIRL! With no hesitation at all we knew a special little girl deserved a very special name, and we knew in our hearts that Mary Martin was the most perfect, beautiful name that we could ever give to our little girl. Every single time we told someone her name it was always the same response "What a beautiful name." She is the most beautiful little girl that I have ever in my life laid my eyes on and I am so glad that we gave her a name that truly fit her. It also seemed fitting that she have the same name as someone famous since our other 2 children did. We of corse didn't know this when naming her but Mary Martin (first and last name) was an actress/singer born on December 1, 1913. One of her major roles was in the Broadway production of Peter Pan in which she won a Tony Award for!! Our oldest son Joncarlo we recently found out has the same name as one of the outfielders for the Florida Marlins, Giancarlo Stanton (pronounced the same as Joncarlo). We were really excited to see him play when the Cardinals played the Marlins when we were in St. Louis, but Giancarlo had just went on injury leave. Our youngest son Hunter also has the same name as a baseball player! Hunter Pence plays for the Philadelphia Phillies in the right field. Hunter Pence is currently still playing (to my knowledge). I think it's kind of neat how you give your children very special, thoughtful, and different names to find out years later that there is someone else out there that was thinking the same way you were!! I love hearing how people came up with their children's name. Some stories are short and some are long, either way it is a special name that mommy and daddy came up with for their little bundle of joy! Mary Martin Dunlop will be a name that is forever in my heart with the names Joncarlo and Hunter. I hope when someone else hears that name they think of our little angel in heaven! We love you Mary Martin! Please continue to pray for us and share Mary Martin's story!