Do you know where you shop? Well let me just tell you!

Most everyone loves Target and probably shops there on a regular basis, well did you know that Target is "Down" with Down Syndrome!!! That's right folks Target uses children with DS to model in their ads.
This ad came out earlier this year and features Ryan (in the orange shirt) a six year old with Down Syndrome. I came across this information by reading the blog "". It is a really awesome blog that you should check out!! I have to admit that most of the info I am posting did come from his blog. This Target ad wasn't a "Special clothing for Special People" ad. There wasn't a call out somewhere on the page proudly proclaiming that "Target's proud to feature a model with Down Syndrome in this week's ad!" In other words, they didn't make a big deal out of it!

5 Things Target Said By Not Saying Anything:

1. They said that people born with Down Syndrome deserve to be treated the same as every other person on this planet.

2. They said that it's time for organizations to be intentional about seeking creative ways to help promote inclusion, not exclusion. (It's no accident that Target used a model with Down Syndrome in this ad; it was an intentional decision. If we want the world to be a place where everyone is treated equal we can't just sit around and watch the days tick away. We have to be intentional. We have to do something.)

3. They said that companies don't have to call attention to the fact that they choose to be inclusive in order for people to notice their support for people with disabilities. In fact, by not making a big deal out of it they are doing a better job of showing their support for the special needs community.

4. They said it's important for the world to see people born with disabilities with a fresh set of eyes. That it's time for us to lay down all the inaccurate stereotypes from the past and move forward embracing the future with true and accurate ones.

5. They said you don't have to spend a lot or you kids to look good! (The shirt's only 5 bucks!)

Even though Target didn't make a big deal out of the fact they used a boy with Down Syndrome as a model in their ad, they said plenty. They said the same things that Nordstrom said when they used Ryan as a model in their catalog this past summer!

I probably would have never seen this one if Noah's dad hadn't posted it. There is not a Nordstrom locally, and I don't do much online shopping, but I am very glad to know that even a high end store like Nordstrom uses models with Down Syndrome in their catalogs without making a big deal out of it!

And last I am sure most everyone has heard about 10 month old Valentina Guerro....... the new lead model for Spanish swimwear designer Dolores Cortes 2013 children's swimsuit collection, DC Kids.

The Daily Mail reported that Valentina is the first person with Down Syndrome to be the main model of a campaign for a prestigious fashion designer! She made her debut at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami Beach. Dolores Cortes walked down the runway holding Valentina in her arms. The designer wanted to make the point that all children deserve opportunities regardless of their appearance or a medical condition. She also said "People with Down Syndrome are just as beautiful and deserve the same opportunities. I'm thrilled to have Valentina modeling for us." 

It warms my heart to know that in this day and time people are showing more and more support for those with disabilities. There is not a cure, it doesn't mean anyone has done anything wrong, it's simply an extra chromosome. It's the "happy" chromosome that many people miss. These children might not catch on as fast as others, but I can promise you this they are just as happy if not happier than most children. They don't see the bad, they don't want for the material things, they are simply happy to be here, and love you like you have never been loved before! Mary Martin didn't get the chance to model for Target, Nordstom, or some big time designer, she got the chance to model for someone much better.......GOD! With her sweet angel wings she is modeling patience to me every single day. When I think I can't go on another day without her she reminds me that I can go on. I need to go on to help others right now, and then one day when God is ready I will be with her again. She is modeling a love that I have never in my life felt before. I love my husband and our 2 boys with all my heart. I see them every single day and I get to remind them of that, but with Mary Martin I don't get to see her, all I can do is whisper in the air "I love you" and know that she hears me. My heart grew in a way that I never knew was possibly. She models inspiration to me and through me to everyone around me. I want to be involved like I have never been before and help people in a way I never knew I could. My eyes are truly opened. Next time you get mad at the car in front of you for going to slow, or the guy at the check out line that is taking forever, stop and think. They might be going as fast as they can with their disabilities. I cry almost every single day......I miss my sweet Mary Martin, but I am so grateful for the time we had, and for God choosing me to be her mother. Everyone says "I don't know why bad stuff happens to such good people." Nothing about our journey was bad. The Lord gives perfect peace to those whose faith is firm. So always trust in the LORD because he is forever our mighty rock! The Bible never once says, "Figure it out." But over and over it says, "Trust God." God is good! Please keep us in your prayers and share Mary Martin's story!!!