Raising kids with Special Needs.........

How many times have you been out and about and seen a parent with a special needs child and thought "Those poor parents. I just don't see how they do it." You have probably done it a lot, and that's ok, but have you ever stopped to think that every single child out there has special needs? You are feeling sorry for someone whose child has special needs that you can see, but what about your child's special needs? Our oldest son plays on a competitive baseball team. It is on a little higher level that the city league baseball team, so I guess you could say he is on a "special" team. With being on this team he needs "special" uniforms, a "special" bat, and lots of other "special" protective gear. Our youngest son plays chess. If you play chess or know anything about chess you know that it requires a "special" playing board with "special" pieces to move around that board. Also chess requires a "special" type of thinking that not everyone has along with a "special" type of patience. WOW!! This whole time I thought just our daughter was going to be the one with special needs........boy was I wrong! Children with Down Syndrome have an extra chromosome, that's all. I thought it was going to be so challenging to raise a special needs child, but now I know that I have been doing it for almost 8 years without even realizing it. Our boys know about Down Syndrome, their little sister was blessed in having it. They might not be around it at home like we had planned, but they know that they are kids just like they are and we do not treat them any different. We help anyone if they need help, and we never make fun of others. Down Syndrome is a blessing not a disability. I know our sweet Mary Martin was not going to be treated any different than any of our other children. She was going to have special needs that were going to be very different from our other two children, but they are all very special in their own special way! We were prepared to meet all of Mary Martin's special needs just like we meet those of Joncarlo and Hunter.  Children are going to ask questions when they see someone that looks different, they are innocent and mean nothing by it. We teach our boys that God created every single person different in his own special way. They might have "special" needs that are a lot different than ours, but we are all children of God and we should all love one another. So next time you are out and about don't feel sorry for the parent with special needs, he/she is not looking at you feeling sorry for you...........especially if it's your child that is screaming at the top of their lungs crying because you will not buy them this new toy! HA! Just remember every child has "special" needs!

Children with Down Syndrome will always be close to my heart. Every single time I see one I can't help but smile. They are amazing, and they can do every single thing any other child can do! Only difference is they are rocking an extra chromosome while doing it! Please continue to pray for us as the days are still hard. God is showing me new stuff every single day! God is good!

21 x 3 = Perfect in God's eyes