These were a few of our favorite things.......

I had planned on doing a post about some of mine and Mary Martin's favorite things as I got further along. I decided to go ahead and still post it since these things will always be mine and her favorites! When you go through something devastating you begin to look at things in a totally different way. You don't sweat the little things, you just smile, and you always cherish every single moment. I hated being sick every single day, but I would not trade my sickness for anything in the world. I was worried about getting stretch marks, and now I would pay a million dollars just to have one as a reminder of my sweet Mary Martin. She was something else! She was definitely half me, half her daddy, but 100% us! 

Breakfast Face off!

Mommy:                                                      Mary Martin:                                             

Donuts! Donuts! Donuts!                                                                Bananas! Bananas! Bananas!
Lucky Charm cereal                                                                        Yogurt
Waffles with lots of syrup                                                             Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal

We liked completely different things for breakfast!! I would try and sneak in a donut, and she would let me know real fast how that was not a good idea!! Oh and coffee was a big NO! NO!

Lunch time!!!

Mommy:                                                     Mary Martin:

Subway                                                                                         Watermelon
Pizza                                                                                         Tomato sandwich made by Mommy
Tomato Sandwiches                                                                       Watermelon
(perfectly spread mayo with a little extra salt)

Ok we finally agree on something! When the home grown  tomatoes started coming we started eating them like there was no tomorrow! And watermelon was not so bad, the only downfall is that it would keep me up all night long running to the bathroom........WATERmelon!!!! 

I hear the dinner bell ringing!!

Mommy:                                                      Mary Martin:

Dinner?? What is that? We were usually so tired after a long day at work that our dinner was us coming home and passing out! HA! A bowl of rice, watermelon, or daddy bringing us some fresh fries was usually our dinner. No worries we ate plenty throughout the day to where it was not a problem. We were doing something right because after our first hospital visit we gained 5 pounds in 3 weeks!

And the all time favorite for mommy and Mary Martin........

Yes ladies and gentlemen that is a Chick-fil-A mint. Not every Chick-fil-A has them, but the one on Poplar close to Mendenhall sure does! These mints are similar to those wedding mints, except they are much yummier and softer. We would usually get 3-4 whenever we went in there, and I would have them eaten before the day was over! This was the all time favorite for both of us!

Some things will never taste the same, like watermelons and tomato sandwiches. They will always taste sweeter and better than before, because I know when I am eating one Mary Martin is in heaven eating one also. Life is not about how much money you have or how much stuff you have, it's about how sweet the "watermelons" are and how "red" the tomatoes are. Take time to stop and enjoy those little things in life that we tend to pass by because we are to busy. 22 weeks........that's all we had and it was the best 22 weeks EVER. Life is the most precious gift that begins at conception, and should be cherished forever! God is good......always!! Please continue to pray for us and share Mary Martin's story!