Tilapia and veggies, a Stumbo favorite

Did you think you would ever see a recipe here on the blog? When I returned from vacation, I asked you for some help:
Help me out here with some blogging ideas, I am having “bloggers block” as I am adjusting to life. Any good blog-post title ideas? Witty? Funny? I will run with it! I promise! Topic ideas? Any questions? Please, oh please do help me out here! I love questions!
One suggestion I got was meals we do at home, and as I was making our new favorite dish I though, "I should take some pictures and do my  very first recipe on the blog!" And so I snapped some pictures and Andy asked, "Are you taking pictures of our food?" He probably thought he should be the one taking a picture of me cooking, to prove I actually do cook once in a while, or to remind me when I forget. 

Enough back story, on with the recipe!
Tilapia and Veggies

Tilapia fillets
one large onion
one red bell pepper
one bunch of asparagus
one zucchini
2 limes
olive oil

Preheat over to 450

Cut and dice all the veggies and place them in a bowl. Drizzle olive oil and the juice from one lime over them. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix well. Place on cookie sheet.
They are as delicious as they look!
Place veggies on lower rack for 5 minutes before the tilapia while you finish preparing the fish. (I suppose you could keep the veggies 5 minutes longer or until done, I just do it first)

Brush olive oil on tilapia fillets. Place in glass container. Squeeze a lime over the fillets. Add salt, pepper, and paprika to taste.

Place tilapia in the middle rack and bake for 18 minutes.


It really is a favorite at our house, although Nina is the only kid that eats all the veggies. The other 2 have some they eat, some they don't.

What is a favorite recipe at your house?