First Day of First Grade and a Preschooler

Last Wednesday the girls went back to school. Ellie was excited, Nina was nervous, and Nichole was angry we changed her routine. It was not that different from last year really. Ha!

So we are back at making lunches, getting up early, getting dressed, and we are out the door by 8:00 o'clock. I take Ellie and Nina to school, and Andy takes Nichole.

I tried to have all three girls pose for a picture, but Nichole would have none of it. So I got the first graders together at least. They are only 8 months apart but the difference in height and development is quite...different! 

 So I quickly snapped a picture of Nichole with her daddy to remember the day.

Then Andy put her down really quick for a photo but she was not going to stop for me and let me take a picture, so this is as good as it gets.

Once at school, the big first graders were ready to begin the day.

A new year presents new challenges. New teachers, new interactions, new friends. But this is my overall feeling about the first day of school...

As I got back in the van and sat there all alone, I smiled. I forgot what it felt like to have time for myself, and it felt so good!