Got to love those Bitter Sweet Days..........

Every have one of those days to where is it the sweetest and the saddest all at the same time? My family knows days like that all to well. We have several of them. As one family member is celebrating another family member is mourning. It is one day that no one in the family will ever forget no matter how hard you try. No one knows when God is going to call us home. We don't know why things happen the way they do to the ones we deeply love. They are rejoicing in heaven as we are hurting here on Earth. There will be a glorious day to where we will be reunited with them again, but until that day comes there will always be a bit of sadness as we miss them being here with us.

January 12, 1939........This is the day Pawpaw(my dad) was born! Yes that was a little while ago, but he is still getting around VERY good! Growing up I remember when he turned 50, and asking him if he was now an antique. Anything over 50 was an antique right? Haha! We still celebrate every year buy taking him out to eat, and letting the boys pick out something special for Pawpaw. However not everyone is celebrating, someone else in the family is grieving as it is another year lost with their child. Back in the early 90's my little 3 year old cousin was killed by a drunk driver on January 12th. She was in the vehicle with her parents when the intoxicated man hit them causing them to wreck. Everyone was fine but sweet little Heather. She was so young, so innocent, and had the rest of her life to live. Due to someone making a bad decision she is no longer here with us on earth. God gave our family an angel at such a very young age. We thought her life was over, but her life was only beginning in the most wonderful place ever! We love you and we miss you Heather!

September 4, 2004.........The very first Ole Miss football game. We were playing Memphis, and I went into Baptist Desoto hospital at 3 pm. My due date was September 3rd and nothing had happened. I was scheduled to be induced the next week, so I was sure this pain I was feeling was nothing. My contractions were 2-3 minutes apart, and by 3:30 I had been admitted into the hospital. This was my very first child so I didn't know what to expect. I got sick so they gave me phenergan to stop the nausea. Of corse that made me pass out and I didn't feel another thing! I do remember them coming in and giving me Stadol before my epidural. A few minutes after that I was informed that I would not be getting an epidural!! What?!?! I signed up for one? Oh well I knew I was not going home, and the medicine had me to groggy to argue with them. I just rolled back over and went back to sleep. This whole time my sister was at the Ole Miss/Memphis game. She wasn't in a huge hurry to get back because everyone thought I would be in labor all night long. There was one thing that had everyone on pin and needles........we didn't know if we were having a girl or a boy!! It was a surprise! Well another surprise is the fact that I was not going to be in labor all night long. My sister flew back from Oxford just in time to not miss anything. I started pushing at 9 pm and little Joncarlo Lee Franklin was born weighing 7 lbs 13 ozs at 9:15 pm! We were so excited and could not believe how perfect he was!! At that same time another mother and father in our family's life was also changing. My dad grew up on the out skirts of Oxford, and we still have a lot of family down there. Amie was walking back to her car with her boyfriend after the game when a drunk driver struck her. Not knowing he had hit anything he kept going a little ways until he finally stopped. Her injuries were severe, and in that moment that life began life also ended in our family. When I found out about it I was devastated. This is the cousin that we grew up playing cheerleading with, ran around and played with, climbed trees with........not Amie! She was going to college, she was going to have a career one day, and a family of her own. How could someone rip her away from our family? You see every year that we celebrate another year older for Joncarlo another family member grieves another year lost for their daughter. My little Joncarlo was born with an angel watching over him. Though I did not give birth to Hunter he is my son, and I know that Amie is watching over him too! But most inportantly she is watching over our sweet Mary Martin until the day we can be with her again. We love you Amie and we miss you! Give Mary Martin kisses from her mommy and daddy, tell her we love her and we will see her soon!

July 9, 2011.........This is the day we said "I do" at Longview Point Baptist Church in Hernando. I walked down the isle to the "Ava Maria" being played on the violin, with my dad by my side. I was about to marry my best friend, and we were going to live happily ever after! We said our vows, took communion, lit our unity candle, and visited with our friends and family. It was such a beautiful and perfect day! Throughout the first year of marriage we had some pretty hard times. Always believe the person that says the first year of marriage is the hardest!!! We found out we were expecting a little bundle of joy that was't planned, but we made some adjustments and started getting ready. We made it to the one year mark!!! July 9, 2012 we have been married for one whole year!!!!! Honestly it seems like we have been married forever, but it's only been a year. While we were so excited one minute that excitement turned to pain the very next minute. You see this is the day we went to Barnes Jewish hospital in St. Louis, MO and found out that our sweet Mary Martin had gone to be with Jesus. What happen to my "happily ever after?" Well first of all "happily ever after" means that the story is over. I never looked at it that way before. Our journey hasn't gone as we planned, but we don't get to make the plans.....God makes the plans. I don't want our journey to ever be over. I want to be involved with Special needs groups, raise money for the Down Syndrome Association, help other grieving mothers, take care of my 2 boys and involve them in as much as I possibly can, and do it all with my husband by my side. Our anniversary is the celebration of another year married, but now it is also the celebration of Mary Martin's "Angelversary." On this day we will celebrate two lives that came together as one in marriage and a life that was called home to be with Jesus. 

All in all while these days may be "bitter sweet" ultimately they are all sweet days. While we miss our children here on earth knowing they are in a far better place than we could have ever provided for them is comforting. Every time you see a rainbow, or the sun shining through the clouds just know that is "Our Girls" smiling down from heaven! Please keep our family in your prayers especially today. God is good and we will see their smiling faces again!