Labor Day!

We're enjoying the long weekend here. My husband gets very few holidays off- Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's Day, of course, but that's about it. He takes the Thursday after Thanksgiving off as a floating holiday but other bank holidays, he doesn't get.

We were planning to be "weekend warriors" and build a fence, fix the kids bathroom, paint the playset and take care of the lawn. However, most of our plans were canceled because of RAIN! That's right, WET STUFF FELL FROM THE SKY! The baseball game Adam and the kids were going to on Friday was rained out. They were bummed but not complaining! In all, our area got 8 inches of much needed rain. Now we are back to hot and humid but the grass seems to have perked up a bit.

Of course, with all this rain, my allergies have flared up. I have a massive headache. Cole and I are both coughing. I honestly want to just lay on the couch and do nothing but I am trying to clean and organize the house. Wish me luck! Ha!