She was born that way

This morning, as Ellie, Nina and I walked to school, I saw a group of second-grade girls gathered around, talking, and looking at Nina. As we approached the group, I overheard one say, "She was born that way."

I was not sure how to respond. I was not offended, it didn't bother me. At that age, kids are learning about their world, and what makes us all different. And yes, Nina was born this way. There is nothing about her Cerebral palsy she can change or make different. Yes, she was born this way.

Last Friday, I sent a letter to all the parents that have kids in Nichole's class talking about her Down syndrome. Last year, I even went to her school on Down syndrome day and gave a school wide presentation about Down syndrome. I also sent a letter home with all the students.

I had already talked to Nina's teacher about coming to her class, and reading a book to her classmates about Cerebral Palsy. This is the time I am planning on sending our "introduction" letter. But the experience form this morning is making me think I need to go to all the classrooms and talk about disability, and Cerebral Palsy. Because yes, Nina, and Nichole, were born this way.