Down syndrome {on her 5th birthday}

It seems unbelievable that five years ago Down syndrome entered our world when Nichole was born. That day replays in my mind every year on her birthday, fresh as if it has been not too long ago. It is no cliche, but rather a truth when people say, "kids grow up too quick" and "time goes by so fast." I was so scared.

If only I could redo that day, when I saw my baby come out of m, her back side displaying her thick neck confirming that she in fact had Down syndrome. As if in slow motion, I saw her naked back side coming to me, ready to rest on my chest. Down syndrome about to be handed to me, not my baby, but a condition. I wish I knew then what I know now.

This little girl has come to steal my heart. She has given me purpose, passion, and direction. She changed my life. This child of God entrusted to us is a gift. Yes, there is something about Nichole, something that touches my heart and spirit in ways nobody else can.

Her celebration of life touches my heart and makes me wish I celebrated with the same gusto she does. I wish I could feel the joy she feels, and I wish I could love unconditionally the way she does.

Nichole spent her birthday sick. And although she had a rough day, being sick, with a fever, and congested sinuses (not to mention the worse attendee at her own party). She still managed to expand my heart, and make me fall in love even more.

As we had lunch together she announced, "I help you" and she stirred the eggs. She also told me several times, while pointing at her head, "I sick." Because she loves the attention of her dismay.

She is my angel, and she holds my heart. I am who I am today in a large part because of her. her influence is making a mark, and her contribution to her mom, her family, and those that know her is already significant. This little girl is in the business of changing lives, and I have the honor to be her mother.

I live you rascal, with every ounce of my being!