Magic Juice and a CP Connection

Nina has been drinking magic juice. Okay, it is really a mineral supplement, but one mom called it the magic juice, and I guess we have seen some great progress with it.

Don;t be surprised if some of the people linking-up are also sharing about this magic juice. And no, we don't really think it is magic, but we are seeing that there are some real deficiencies in our children with CP and this is helping in many areas of development.

About two months ago a fellow mom brought up the Preemie Growth Project. She got her daughter involved in the research and she began to see some real changes. The changes were significant enough that many of us took notice and we began to research what this project was all about. The project/research is based on a mineral supplement. Specifically plant derived colloidal minerals. The science behind it is that premature babies lack the mineral foundations to brain and muscles necessary for optimal development. By providing these minerals, the brain and muscles are able to finally function at a more typical level. For kids with cerebral palsy, this can be huge.

If you want to know more, check out the website, and like I said, there are probably some blogs linked up here talking about this.

Also, here is a pretty good article about plant derived colloidal minerals.

We are taking a very conservative approach to the supplement and we are introducing this very slowly with Nina. We are only to half the recommended dose and we are seeing changes. Nina is balancing so much better, and she is bending at the waist to touch the floor and back up again. In only a couple of weeks, we have seen change, including some improvement with her school work.

Here is a video of Nina today, check out her balance just 11 days into the supplement and only half the recommended dose.


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