Menu Plan Monday: Thanksgiving

About a week before Thanksgiving, I make sure the family empties out the fridge so we have room to defrost two turkeys. This leads to some interesting meals around here!

Our Thanksgiving dinner doesn't look like the traditional Thanksgiving dinner portrayed on TV. For one, we hate green bean casserole. My husband doesn't like mashed potatoes, so he makes twice baked potatoes. We are all lukewarm on stuffing and I am the only one who eats pumpkin pie, so I make pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies instead!

Saturday: cornflake chicken
Sunday: pancakes and eggs
Monday: pizza
Tuesday: George's birthday so we are having spaghetti!
Wends: leftovers/cereal
grilled turkey
twice baked potatoes
sweet potatoes (mashed, I think. The kids and Adam aren't huge sweet potato fans so I make just one or two for myself)
Rolls (I have a special recipe that I make for Christmas and Thanksgiving. The original recipe is from my aunt's mother-in-law and I HAVE to have them!)
bacon and brown sugar green beans. (We hate the casserole!)
oatmeal and white chocolate pumpkin cookies
apple crisp
pumpkin snickerdoodles

What is on the menu at your house?