The Good Elf

AsThere seems to be alot of controversy over the Elf on the Shelf. He is (dare I say it) North Pole-erizing! (Get it? Get it?) Yet we have one and Tom the Elf has been a positive influence on the kids, without the threats of coal or no presents.

(Okay, I admit it, we do joke about putting Cole in their stockings...)

Anyway, I'm over at NPN again talking about how to make your Elf GOOD!

I think we are going to kick up the 2012 Christmas Season a bit with Mr. Tom E. Elf this year. It took too many brains cells to think of the fun places to put him last year. This year, Tom is going to bring a couple things each week for the kids. It's going to be as simple as a note telling them that today is the day to bake cookies or as fancy as a couple of dollar bin crafts. Stay tuned because next week I will be posting my list of Elf Activities.... just in time for Tom's arrival on St. Nicholas Day!