Ten Things I Want My Kids to Remeber

This post first appeared on ellenstumbo.com

Like running water, time slips between my fingers in a steady stream. These are precious drops of time I wish I could hold on to longer, but they are gone too soon. As I seek to make memories with my children, I think about what is important, and what really matters. There are lessons, memories, moments I want my kids to remember.

I love you. 

Not because of what you can or cannot do, but simply because you are.

I delight in you. 

Nothing brings me more joy than to be your mom.

I know you can accomplish anything you want. 

I see you try hard to learn and master new skills. I know with your determination you can accomplish anything you want.

I will always be your number one fan. 

It doesn’t matter what you do or where life takes you, I will always be cheering you on, always believing in you.

It is okay to make mistakes, my love will never change. 

I know there might be times where you mess up, my love will never change, I will always be available for you.

When you are struggling in life, I am here for you. 

Sometimes we struggle to make sense of life, it is just not always easy. No matter what it is, I am here for you.

You have taught me the most precious lessons in life. 

I thought I would have so much to teach you (and I have taught you many things), but you have taught me so much more!

I am proud of you. 

So incredibly proud.

It is an honor to be your mom. 

How did I get so lucky to have you in my life? It is an honor and a pleasure to be your mom.

I would give my life for you. 

Anything, I would do anything for you. And I would give my life for you, because I love you, and because there is no sacrifice I wouldn’t give for you.